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Well here I am to write another critique of you're stunning character. Let me start off with what I like most about this drawing. The f...

Oh my.....! There she is again, and must I say in a more suggestive posture! This is definitely one of my favorites from you so far, fo...

Well to Start of I must say that she is one beautiful long-neck! Now the big things and small things I enjoy in this drawing, the look ...

by Chioro

Well first off I must admit that this witch is casting a spell on me! Okay well to begin with I love the colors being used the purple i...

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I've been meaning to submit more often, but for some reason over the past week or so I've been getting some bad aches and pains in the legs, back, and arms. Clearly this is more than just pulling a leg like I thought. Although my doctor says to just wait it out and that it doesn't look like anything to serious. Have slowly been getting better though and feel like writing again so expect more stories to be on the way.  

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   Disclaimer: This story contains Expansion, Transformation, Strong language, and sexual themes. 18 and over only.  

    Wonder woman had called for a team meeting but only four of them showed up including herself. She asked Harley and Ivy where some of the villains had went. However they said they had no idea. Black Canary said the same about some of the Justice League members. Wonder Woman had her suspicions about what could have caused these disappearances, and knew they had to move quickly if they wanted to stop the two witches. So she devised a plan. Wonder Woman told the last hero and two remaining villains on her team to get ready and leave.

    Harley had all of her “toys” moved to the warehouse they had based themselves in as had black canary. But Ivy did not, she knew her tree was happy where it was and she was not moving it. Ivy had to go regenerate some of her power as she had used up most of her power defending her team during the attack of Circe's Minions. Knowing this, Enchantress herself went to kidnap Ivy. Which was easy as Ivy was weak. With little effort Enchantress captured Ivy and took her back to her and Circe's base. They both knew what they had planned for Ivy. But first they tried to get information out of her but Ivy was not talking. So they decided to stop wasting their time and get rid of her, using the same spell on her that they used on Zatanna.

      Ivy grimaced as she felt the spell hit her body. She had always hated these two bitches and this was just the icing on the cake. It mattered not though, whatever spell it was Ivy was sure she would find a way to break out of it and take her revenge. Ivy pondered what the could have been though. She didn't feel any different yet. Maybe it was a power nullifying spell or a vision changing spell? Her two kidnappers stared at Ivy with sadistic grins. Ivy was getting pissed off.

     "Tell me what you did right now or I'll break your necks with barbed vines!...I sai...umppphh!?"

      Ivy suddenly felt the spell take its toll. Bending over and gripping her stomach as it drastically increased in weight. Soon enough bloating to the point that her hands couldn't hold back the amassing flesh and she let go. Letting the fat bring Ivy to her knees. Her still thin frame unable to support the new weight. That soon changed as her thighs turned plump and thick. Ivy was sent into shock at the new sensations of her fatty mass rubbed together. All her life Ivy had been a thin frame woman. But this insidious spell took that all away in mere moments.

      She frowned, her face reddening while her caboose swelled to five times its original size. Her hips lengthening to match her massive ass. The ones who cursed Ivy with this burden laughed as she tried to crawl toward them. Her chubby rear bouncing with every movement. The vein like vines that covered Ivy rushed to cover all the new size of her body. Even the leaves growing off of them looking larger and wider. Ivy's neck was the neck thing to take on weight. And her shoulders broadened, ripping away her suggestive red shirt, that was already not covering much.  She cried out in frustration and was taken off guard with how deep her voice had become.

     A heated surge of passion came over Ivy. She fought an urge to moan as her vagina became humongous. Growing to a size not meant for a human. The now roomy pussy pushed downward, getting closer to her ass hole. Ivy felt wonderful pleasure from all this, almost forgetting this curse was a bad thing until her breasts disappeared. Up till now Ivy had assumed that this was a fattening spell of some sort. But when her breasts vanished fear built up inside her as she worried what plans this spell had for her.

     "Okay you bitches better tell what you did before I crush you with this lard body you gave Moooo?"

    And like that, Ivy had her answer. Her skull grew larger while her eyes widened and changed in pupil shape. Her nose and mouth shoved forwards into an enormous muzzle. Pink forming around her nostrils.
the lovely red hair she once had fell off in clumps. Ivy attempted to throw some colorful venom filled insults at her attackers, only to blurt out deep throated moos. She gasped, Realizing she had lost the ability to speak. Green fur spread across her body until Ivy was covered from head to toe.

    The Enchantress expected this strange outcome. Ivy was still part plant after all. So it would figure she would still be so as a cow. A long fur tipped tail snaked out from above Ivy's spacious ass cheeks and flicked around instinctively. Ivy felt her muscles in her arms and legs strengthen and she was a least able to hoist herself onto all fours. Right in time to witness her hands and feet shrink and harden into black hooves.

     Ivy was having trouble believing it, she was being turned into a fat cow. It was an insult like no other and by this point she would rather no one come to save her and see her like this. The final nail was put in the coffin as Ivy gave a louder then ever groan in the way of a moo. Under her enlarged belly a pink sac took form. And Ivy let out moo after moo of both ecstasy and panic as the sac rounded out, filling with gallons of milk. Teats sprouting out at the bottom.

     It was done, Ivy, the once thin and beautifully stunning villain. Was now a massively fat green cow. Enchanters and Circe wasted no time in sending her away to the fields of bulls they had set up for their transformed victims. Once there like Zatanna, Ivy had tried to find a way to escape. Although she had fallen to her primal instincts even faster. While Ivy no longer controlled her powers. Her alluring plant aroma ended up luring in most of the horny bulls even with her strange vine covered appearance.

     Unable to resist any more and stripped of her dignity, Ivy gave in. Letting the large bulls take their time in ramming her robust rear and filling her with their seed. Ivy hated the fact that the whole time part of her was enjoying this. With her plant like nature Ivy became Pregnant rather fast and with her enchanting aroma luring in more and more bulls. It seemed she would stay that way for along time coming.       

       With Ivy now as an overly pregnant and green cow the two witches laughed hysterically their victim. They could see she was upset and trying to get out of her body she was stuck in. However, the witches knew there was no escape unless they wanted her too. A lumbering Ivy then noticed even more bulls in the distance and realized that she would forever be pregnant. Circe and Enchantress looked at their projections to see the missing girls now cows either being fucked and getting pregnant. Or like ivy who was to be perma pregnant. The biggest party benefiting from the witches plan so far looked to be the Bulls who were now gifted with more and more uniquely powered female bovines.   
A Hero's Transformation...(Part 2 DC hero story)
Part two in my collab with scotishjoker1 . As said before he did the story while I did the transformation part and some editing.
Sorry for not submitting anything this week, I was a bit distracted. Recently I pulled something in my leg. And whatever it was is taking a while to heal. Saw a doctor already and should eventually be okay in time. It sure hurts though. Just have to take some pain killers and endure it. Will try to get something out this weekend or the next one.
Just submitted part 2 of my new Cow woman TF TG series. I know I said that part two of my collab story would be out next. And it's still coming in the next few days. I just really wanted to write the next part of my own story sooner rather than later. 

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 Disclaimer: This story contains Transformation, expansion, lactation, sexual themes, and strong language. 18 and over only.

      Morning came to pass. It had rained all night. And Brent was quickly seeing the drawbacks of her new form as she climbed a nearby hill to get a good view. She sweat furiously, hauling herself forward. Every step Brent took made clear of her new additions as her swollen udder bounced and leaked. Her belly jiggled and her ass cheeks reacted in their own distracting manner. But Brent had to press on, curse or no curse. Her life was turned upside down and she needed to fix it.

     Which lead Brent to question herself. What was her plan? The first order of businesses was to find a way to sneak into the capital and round up her pals. Hopefully convincing them to accept her in her new form. Second...well Brent would like to learn more about this curse, who was responsible for it, and maybe find a way to reverse it. Brent reached the top of the hill and paused to try to collect herself before looking over the land.

       Her face felt hot and so did her privates. Making her flush in embarrassment. Brent was still no where near used to being a woman. Some things felt the same while other things were drastically different. Right now she felt the familiar feeling of arousal but in female fashion. Brent still had some leftover teenage hormones. Which were driven wild every time she gazed down at her body. It didn't help that she was still soaked from last night.

       The cow woman grunted and pressed her fatty rippling thighs together to try and cover up her dripping pussy. Brent's hand began to wonder down to her groin. Fueling Brent with even more passion when she learned of her own intent. At the last moment, just when Brent had parted her thighs and was about to get frisky with herself. One of her hooves slipped on a bit of mud. Sending her sliding down the other side of the hill on her ass.

       Brent hit the bottom and found herself in a large expanse of mud. Sighing, Brent struggled back onto her two hooves and fumed angrily. She could feel her sizable rear caked in mud. Brent's ears perked up in surprise as she heard buzzing coming from her muddy rear and instinctively swished her tail. Beating back some flies. Flies? Brent pondered why there were so many flies already attracted to her? Where did they come from?

      Brent hadn't even taken a shit yet and shuddered to think of the outcome of it with this body. So why the flies? Brent got her answer when she looked up and spotted a small farm that was rather close. Brent remembered this place. Back when she was a young boy her father used to pass this place in their wagon regularly. An old lady and a young woman lived here. And given how much time has passed that young woman and old lady had to be fairly older now.  

     Upon further inspection, Brent could see a wagon parked near the old lady's house. Brent wasn't fond of stealing but she needed that wagon if she was going to travel to the capital. So she attempted and failed to brush the mud off her behind and snuck towards the barn. Brent would sneak through the barn then get to the wagon hopefully unseen.

     Inside the barn, cows and a couple bulls mooed at Brent from their stalls. She shuddered at the thought that she now had so much in common with them. And like before thanked the fact that she could still walk on two legs and have opposable thumbs. Otherwise Brent would have been screwed from the start.

     " I mean quiet!" Brent told the barn animals. Frustrated that she felt the urge to join in on their mooing.

     Reaching the wagon without indecent Brent got to work making sure the horses were hitched and everything was ready to go. Brent was seconds away from hopping onto the main seat when the strong smell of apple pie and other delightful foods struck her. Her stomach made a noise that was louder than Brent would care for and she found herself overcome with hunger.

     There was no doubt that Brent was a big girl. And with a stomach like hers there was much room to fill. After a moment of internal struggle Brent cursed to herself and gave into her hunger. Quickly following the source of the smell to the window of the farmhouses kitchen. Brent peaked in and saw the pie on a table surrounded by other assortments of food. Making her large tongue drool.

      Brent leaned into the window, trying to see if she could grab some grub.

     "Whuuweeewwy! It's a mighty fine view back here if I do say so myself. Damn what a caboose you've been gifted with!" Came the voice of an excited sounding woman from right behind Brent.

      Brent gasped, flailed, and fell back onto the ground with a thud. Turning around as fast as she could to find a freckle faced woman staring at her in awe, Hands on her hips. The strange woman was the very same Brent had saw in the past as the young lady. Thin framed with blue eyes, light orange hair, and a worn, beaten up dress. It would probably be a bad time to mention that Brent used to have a crush on her.

       Brent, fearing the worst pleaded with the woman. "Please I know what am... Don't turn me in it's not my fault I'm like this!"

       The woman snorted. "Turn ya in? Why would I do that? No...ya're far to interesting to throw away. Ya have no idea how long I've wished to find someone like ya. Cursed are becoming more rare these days ya know?"

       Brent gulped. "So what do you want?"

       "What I want? I want to learn more about ya of course! Forbidden knowledge is always the best of course." Said the woman, her tone starting to weird Brent out.

       "Sorry but I can't stay, I have to get to the capital." Brent firmly stated, trying to gather courage in this increasingly awkward conversation.

         "Figured ya needed to head somewhere. Saw ya trying to mess with my wagon. Tell ya what cowlady. Let me come with ya and I'll let ya eat some of my lunch in there. Ya're gonna need someone to sneak you inside the capitals walls anyways.Ya know they don't like cursed. "

       Brent was starting to wonder what she had ever seen in this strange woman. "What about the old lady you lived with?" She asked the woman.

        "Oh her...she passed away years ago. It was sad but now at least I won't have anyone holding me back from my lust for 'knowledge'. Now do we have a deal or what?"

       Warning flags of all kinds flared in Brent's head but the woman had a point. She needed someone to help sneak a huge cow woman past the guard checkpoints. And her stomach was rumbling, begging for food. "Fine, deal just let me eat now." Brent said, struggling to her hooves with the help of the woman.
    "Sure thing sweet cheeks. But first let me introduce myself. Margret Thatcher your service, what's
you name?"

      "Brent." The cow woman said bluntly, running out of patience.

       "Brent? Ohhhhh that's right ya used to be a young man before the curse huh? Well that won't fit you anymore how about.....Brenda. Yeah that sounds nice!"

      Brent was about to reject the thought but stopped herself. Margret had a point, she was female now. Carrying around her old male name would probably only lead to more awkwardness and bad memories of a life she'll never have.         

      "Okay Brenda it is then." She sighed.

      Margret pouted. "Come on Brenda don't look so glum. It's time to eat!"

     The women went inside and set to to devouring the prepared meal. Brenda surprised herself with how much she was able to consume now. And ate more than her fair share. Margret didn't seem to mind, even when Brenda ended up breaking several chairs under her weight. As Brenda chowed down, Margret told what she knew about the curse.

     Apparently some powerful old spell that no one could trace the origin to was cast over the kingdom centuries ago. Causing half of the men who reached the age of adulthood to turn into plumb half cow women.This strange transformation occurred regularly with every new generation. Those affected by it became known as the cursed. Some got lucky and avoided this curse, while others fell to it's power. To prevent panic most parents kept this occurrence secret until after their child turned eighteen.

    If a young man turned he was hauled off by kingdom guards. No one knew why this was necessary, but it was decreed law to hand over the cursed to special confinement. By order of the king himself.
   "The whole law is heartless and cruel. Why would anyone want to lock up such a beautiful being." Margret fumed.

    Brenda caught Margret staring at her udder several times with a hungry look in her eyes. Her snout reddening, Brenda attempted to cover up her udder several times. Which just caused the massive pink sack to squirt more milk from her teats. When they were done eating the rain started up again outside and Margret covered Brenda in a large black sheet.

    "There ya go. Don't want ya to catch a cold on the road." She told Brenda as they got onto the wagon.

     Brenda of course having to get in the back. Margret whipped the horses and off they went. Traveling for the capital.          

    Not to long into the trip, Brenda expressed her concern for the farm animals they left uncared for, but Margret assured her that she had a farmhand who would deal with them. The two traveled in the pouring rain for as long as they could before having to finally find some shelter in a cave just off the road. There they settled down for the night. Brenda found it hard to find a new comfortable position to sleep in her new form but managed.

    It was hours later in the dead of night when she was woken up. Brenda, eyes still closed, groaned. She had come out of a dream in which she was nursing young calves with her uncomfortably full udder. When she began to wake up though, the sensation of having one of her teats sucked did not fade. And her udder actually felt lighter.

     The strange feeling did not cease until Brenda was forced to sit up and lazily open her eyes.

     "Ugggh whats that....Margret what the hell!?" Brenda screamed.

     Brenda's eyes were wide open now as she laid them on Margret. Who was currently sucking from one of the teats on her udder. Margret jumped back, getting to her feet.

     "Oh shit....ya're awake huh?" She said as her face turned red, wiping milk from her lips.

      Brenda inched backwards getting distance from the crazy woman, fuming all the while.

     "What's wrong with you!? Have you heard of personal space? More so not to suck on another persons teats?! We won't be traveling together anymore if this weird crap keeps up with you!"

      Margret looked surprisingly apologetic. "I'm so sorry Brenda. I was so selfish and uncaring not to tell ya this before....but I couldn't help myself. Ya see, there's another reason I wanted to come with ya beside the whole study the cursed stick. I....kinda picked up a fetish for milk on the farm in my youth and when ya came along I lost control of myself. ...B...But look it won't happen again, I got it out of my system okay, please don't leave me!"  

      Brenda leaned her head back and sighed. She knew that girl had some weird other motives in this. Who knew the woman she used to have a cruse on is now obsessed with her because she lactates far to much milk? Although her udder was revealingly lighter now. Maybe it wasn't all bad. Still weird as hell however. Brenda was about to let Margret off with a warning when the ashamed woman let out a loud burp.

     "Whoa sorry about that Urrrrrppp! Shesh I feel mighty strange all the URRrrrrppp!" Margret belched.

      Margret held her stomach as the belches continued. In no time Brenda saw changes taking place with each new burp. Margret's thin dress ripped as her stomach came bulging outwards. Taking on pounds by the second. Margret's skirt tore and fell to the cave floor, revealing thick curvaceous thighs. Her entire body structure grew several feet, hips widening, forcing the dress completely off. Leaving Margret nude.

     "Ohhhh my lord my breasts! I feel them filling!" She said mesmerized.

     Margret groped her enlarging breast's and squeezed them in delight, squirting out fresh milk. A brown fur tipped tail sprung above her rear. Margret flicked it around happily.

    "This is happening? Oh please let it be happening!" She joyfully exclaimed.

    Margret's body grew creamy white colored fur across her body. Her face shifted and turned wider while her mouth elongated into a snout. Margret grimaced in pain as her feet drew inwards and hardened into hooves. Then grinned in excitement as her udder formed. Becoming larger than even Brenda's, taking on twice the milk. Making Margret's new teats leak in no time. Her nipples on her breast's turning to long teats themselves.

    Margret then reacted like she had been kicked in the ass as the ass in question bloomed into a hefty load of perfectly soft flesh, beautifully heart shaped. Finally Margret's vagina both lengthened and widened, becoming much more visible. Funnily enough while her orange hair came undone and shortened, it still hung around.

     When the transformation was all over Margret giggled and then mooed. Brenda just stood where she was in stunned silence trying to figure things out. Margret was just transformed into one of the cursed. Yet she wasn't a male and was past eighteen. Brenda thought about it more before looking down at her own dripping udder.

     "That's it!" Brenda yelled, snapping her fingers.

      "That's why the king's men come and take away all the cursed. It's because not only are they cursed, but so is the milk to!"

      "Magic milk huh? I knew I was onto something traveling with ya. Look how much we've already learned. Ya can go ahead and thank me later I've got some more research to do." Said Margret as she sat down and tried to get her snout around one of her own teats.

     Brenda just looked at Margret and shook her head in exasperation. Looks like they'll have to find someone else now to sneak them into the capital.                        


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